IC Decode Portable Density Meter Case

With the development of the IC decode service, the chip’s application in various industries has become increasingly widespread. Similarly, customers have become increasingly demanding of IC decode services. On the contrary, IC decryption prices have been repeatedly lowered. Customers are pretty sensitive to the IC decryption price, but rationally, what we value more is IC decode quality. Generally, under the same conditions, the price of a good unlock chip for IC decryption services will naturally be slightly higher. Here is a successful decryption case for a portable density meter.

  1. Portable density meter with digital LCD screen and various display contents.
  2. Wide measurement range, simple operation, high measurement accuracy, and fast test speed.
  3. The built-in pure water density meter is easy to calibrate and can perform air or standard substance calibration.
  4. It can enter ten groups of temperature compensation values to perform density or relative density compensation automatically.
  5. The sample demand is small; only one hand can control the sampling volume and sampling speed.
  6. The built-in liquid suction pump can pump about 2000 mPa.s liquid.
  7. Store 1,100 measurement results, which can be output to a printer or computer.
  8. Built-in infrared output device with data collection software.
  9. Technical Parameters:
  10. Measurement principle: U-tube oscillation mode.
  11. Test substance: Suitable for various liquid samples.
  12. Measuring range: 0.0000 ~ 2.0000 g / cm3.
  13. Accuracy: 0.001 g / cm3.
  14. Resolution: 0.0001 g / cm3.
  15. Temperature range: 0 ~ 40 ° C.
  16. Display content: density (specific gravity), density (specific gravity) after temperature compensation, relative density, relative density after temperature compensation, sugar content (Brix%), alcohol concentration (wt% / vol%), American Petroleum Institute degree (API °), Baume Specific Gravity Meter (Baume), Plato Degree (Plato), Alcohol Strength (Proof), Temperature (° C / ° F), Sample Number, Automatic Stability Judgment, Data Save, Output, Clear, Date / Time, Battery Consumption … etc.
  17. Temperature compensation: 10 kinds of temperature compensation coefficients can be input.
  18. Automatic calibration: Pure water density values with various temperatures are automatically calibrated, or standard solutions are used for calibration.
  19. Sampling method: manual pump syringe (viscosity less than 2000mPa.s), or use a needle to inject.
  20. Data storage: Can store the results of 1,100 samples.
  21. External output: Built-in infrared output, optional RS-232C cable for output to printer or computer.
  22. Power supply: Alkaline battery (1.5Vx2).
  23. Battery life: about 90 hours.
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