OROD Company PCB Copy Board Work Results

Industrial control high-density motherboards include, for example, servo motor circuit boards, stepper motor circuit boards, high-frequency circuit boards, and radiofrequency circuit boards.

The communication equipment circuit board;

 information acquisition circuit board;

wireless transceiver circuit board;

AD digital-to-analog conversion board, etc.

We success copy: Various high-end computer motherboards, boards, server motherboards, audio motherboards, graphics cards, etc.

High-end network routers, optical network switch motherboards, etc.

A various wireless base station and terminal product motherboards:

The Digital TV;

DVD; DVR; STB, LCD driver motherboard, etc.

We success clone: Various high-precision instruments and equipment mainboards: medical equipment PCB.measuring instrument PCB testing equipment circuit boards, auto parts circuit boards, instrumentation PCB, etc.


What’s the product to copy: Consumer electronics PCB: smartphone PCB; printer PCB; game machine PCB; security product PCB, intelligent home control product PCB, electronic toy circuit boards, digital product PCB, etc.
OROD’s scope of work includes:
PCB copy board, PCB modification board, PCB file production, BOM production, PCB format conversion, PCB reverse push schematic, and other services, as well as PCB design, PCB design development, PCB LAYOUT, etc .: Use professional according to electrical schematic and structure diagram PCB design software for wiring design. We have a skilled and experienced design team that can overcome some of the current defects in PCB design and wiring. We are very familiar with the MTK complete series of chips (MT6223, MT6225, MT6253 MT6252 MT6235 MT6236) PCB Layout; one week Produce documents, generally achieve a mass production! Engineers with more than ten years of experience in the layout, wiring, production materials, SMT materials, impedance files, etc.! Vibrant experience in high-frequency products! The software includes PROTEL 99SE AD10 PADS2005-2009 POWER LOGIC ORCAD and so on. The company’s PCB service team is a top engineer who has been professionally engaged in PCB design and wiring for many years. The team has various precision instruments and equipment for PCB transcription and light drawing, which can ensure exceptionally high precision and efficient work!

OROD PCB copy board advantages

(1) The project cycle is short: In addition to the PCB copy board experience. Our design team also has a deep manufacturing design background; manufacturability work has made our PCB copy board success rate 100%.
(2) PCB copy board price: OROD PCB copy board price is low because OROD puts sustainable cooperation as its focus in a reasonable fee system. So I hope long-term partnership, not a one-time collaboration!
(3) High-quality guarantee: High-quality engineers, standard copying process, perfect quality assurance system, advanced manufacturing, and testing equipment provide excellent quality assurance.
(4) Professional R & D capabilities: OROD’s software and hardware engineers design the latest electronic products for customers at any time.
(5) It Reduces customer costs, saves the customer time, guarantees a 100% success rate OROD PCB copy board is the clone of the circuit board;
prototype production, replacement of components, production of BOM Checklist, makes PCB files, export schematics.
We can also provide customers with PCB board modification (increasing and decreasing functions ;
board size changes, board material changes, combining several boards into one board), often referred to as PCB copy board, PCB copy number, PCB clone, prototype, PCB change board.

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