PCB reverse engineering PCB Clone in India


Will India become a big country of “PCB clones”?

With the increase of manufacturing costs in China. Some manufacturing enterprises gradually turn some factories to India and other countries with lower labor costs. “PCB clone in India” is launching a new round of competition and cooperation.

PCB clone in india

Major changes in PCB clone manufacturing

At present, India is the fastest-growing PCB reverse engineering market in the world. Many electronics manufacturers hope to get a share of India’s fast-growing PCB clone market.
It is a general trend to export China’s industrial capacity overseas. China’s PCB production is lower than Brazil’s. Brazil and India have high tariffs. On the one hand, India has a population of 1.2 billion, and Brazil has a population of 300 million. But, developed countries import lower tariffs from Brazil and India than from China. India’s overseas development is also helpful for PCB reverse engineering to enter developed countries.

Pressure on China’s manufacturing industry

Indian PCB clone is famous for its global outsourcing business. “PCB reverse engineering India” is famous overseas. However, Indian also wants to establish a reputation. As a “PCB clone in India.” When the reporter went to Germany to interview the electronic exhibition. He found that India specially advertised “PCB clone in India” in the local media. India also wants to introduce investment from China and actively develop PCB clone business in India.

At present, China has excess capacity. On this point, China and India can achieve mutual benefits and win-win results. The cost of making in China is rising year by year. According to Boston Consulting Group’s survey data. The price of “made in China” is close to that of the United States. The report analyzes the world’s top 25 economies in terms of export volume. We take the United States as the benchmark (100), China’s manufacturing cost index is 96. That is to say, if the manufacturing cost of the same product in the United States is US $1. Then it needs us $0.96 in China. Who can see that the gap between the two sides has been greatly narrowed?
How to deal with the relationship between “PCB reverse engineering India” and “PCB clone in India”? It will test Chinese enterprises’ wisdom. Chinese factories constantly improve their production efficiency. It including automation equipment such as robots and continuously enhancing their R & D capabilities. When exporting industrial capacity to India. It increases the added value made in China is believed. A good choice for China. And India to compete and cooperate in the manufacturing industry.

Why us?

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