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Software Development Based on Standard Peripheral Library 1.1.1 Overview of STM32 Standard Peripheral Library

The previous version of the STM32 standard peripheral library, also known as the firmware function library or firmware library, is a firmware function package consisting of programs, data structures, and macros, including all peripherals’ performance characteristics of the microcontroller. The library also includes driver descriptions and application examples for each peripheral, providing a standard API for developers to access the underlying hardware. By using the firmware library, developers can easily apply every external dimension without having to master the underlying hardware details. Assume. Therefore, solid-state function libraries can significantly reduce the user’s programming time, thereby reducing development costs. Each peripheral driver consists of a set of functions that cover all of the peripheral’s features. Each device is developed by a standard API (application programming interface) that standardizes the driver’s structure, features, and parameter names.

ST released the V1.0 firmware library in October 2007, and the library support versions before MDK ARM 3.22. In June 2008, the V2.0 version of the firmware library was released. From the MDK ARM 3.23 version released in September 2008, the V2.0 version of the firmware library has been used. Arrangements after V3.0 have changed significantly from previous versions. This book uses the newer version of V3.4.

Advantages of using standard peripheral library development

Put. The standard peripheral library covers all standard peripherals from GPIO to timers to CAN, I2C, SPI, UART, and ADC.

STM32F10XXX standard outer library structure and file description 1. The file structure of the standard peripheral library


The advantages of using standard peripheral libraries have been introduced in the previous section, so familiarity with standard peripheral libraries directly affects the programming. Let’s take a look at the standard peripheral libraries of STM32F10XXX. The standard peripheral library of STM32F10XXX has undergone numerous updates and has been updated to the latest 3.5 version. The standard peripheral library that comes with the development environment is version 2.0.3. The stable and newer version of V3.4 is used in this book. The basics introduce the structure of the standard peripheral library.

You can download the standard peripheral library from various versions of ST’s official website. First, let’s look at the file structure of the standard peripheral library of version 3.4, as shown in Figure 5‐3. The file structure of version 3.0 and above is roughly the same, and each version may be slightly adjusted.

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