Stm8s003 Stm8s103 MCU Crack IC break

The microcontroller (MCU) generally has an internal EEPROM/FLASH to store the program and work data. To prevent unauthorized access or copying of the microcontroller’s domestic agenda, .most MCU have encryption lock bits or encrypted bytes to protect the on-chip program. If the encryption lock bit is enabled (locked) during programming, it is impossible to read the microcontroller program with an average programmer directly. We call IC encryption. An MCU attacker can use specialized equipment or self-made equipment to exploit the loopholes or software defects in the MCU design. Through various technical means, critical information can extract from the chip, and the program in the MCU is called the MCU decryption.


STM8S103 MCU is ST 8-bit MCU series processor package pin: TSSOP20 internal FLASH memory 8KB buffer RAM 1KB EEPROM data memory 640B byte provides STM8S103F3P6 MCU decryption STM8S103F3P6 crack service includes: internal program extraction, copy, decompile accurate and efficient, Integrity, reliability, and success are guaranteed.

MCU unlock also called MCU crack, chip decryption, IC break, but strictly speaking, these kinds of titles are not scientific. But it has become a familiar name. We decrypt CPLD; DSP decryption is used to call MCU decryption. A microcontroller is just one of the classes that can load a program chip. Chips that can be programmed and encrypted can also be DSP, CPLD, PLD, AVR, ARM, etc. Of course, the memory chip with memory function can also be encrypted, such as DS2401 DS2501 AT88S0104 DM2602 AT88SC0104D, etc. There are also functional chips specially designed with encryption algorithms for professional encryption, etc. The purpose of product copying.

Note: The final concept of IC break is copying. So what function your MCU initially implemented. We can only achieve the same service by burning the sample after decryption. If the IC break fails due to the customer’s master film, all consequences are borne by the customer. We serve the service’s purpose: unsuccessful; no charge can help solve the problem as much as possible. All masters (i.e., the originals sent to us for a break), unless otherwise specified, are not returned to the customer in the default case. Please understand! Everything in the technology industry has a probability of failure, so we never promise a 100% concept for any technical service and other technology-hooking operations. We pay attention to the Integrity of the first!

product name:

IC break MCU sales programmer for program modification

Operating procedures:

  1. Talk about the price, take it, and pay the total amount to Alipay (you can sign a formal commercial contract)
  2. The customer mails the masterpiece to us (usually a masterpiece, the customer’s shipping fee)
  3. We break IC and send samples to customers.
  4. The customer tests the sample within the specified time. succeeds to agrees to release the loan (if the negotiation is not successful. the final talk is unsuccessful. the buyer applies for a refund, and the refund process is processed)

Unique process: (direct sending program)

 We received the chip after the test, no problem to get in touch with you.

You will pay the total amount directly to Alipay and lend, send the program straight after decryption, and the customer will burn the test himself. If there is no problem, the two sides will evaluate each other. (Customer has a problem with the programming. We will try our best to help the customer solve it. Because of the customer programming, We are not responsible for the reasons, etc., but we will try our best to help solve the problem and provide a solution that customers can usually write.)

Market Advantage:

  1. Time is fast; some chips can break on the spot, tested on the area;
  2. Some unique encryption methods, such as program pins, soft encryption, most of us can solve; some others do bad chips, we may be able to help customers fix;
  3. Since we also sell programmers and microcontrollers, we can help you with free programming and solve common problems in programming. We will give the most reasonable suggestions for programmers’ choice and choose according to your requirements. The programmer you need; for chip purchases and model replacements, we will advise you to buy the most affordable chips. This eliminates a lot of trouble for the customer to follow.
  4. What can provide disassembly free of charge (this disassembly is for reference only, if you want to get the source program that It can fully compile, you need to charge)
  5. Provide some function modification of the program (charge according to the size of the program)
  6. Provide free manufacturer information for PCB production and make PCB, schematic, and component list on behalf of customers.
  7. We can sign a formal commercial contract, issuing a standard commercial invoice (a general or additional ticket, but other tax points are required). There is a physical company that supports face-to-face transactions.

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