Why choose us to copy PCB board cooperation with us?

Free evaluation before PCB copy board project cooperation:

  1. Whether there is an encryption program;
  2. Whether there are sanding model and fake model chip;
  3. Whether there are devices that discontinue or other factors; Note: If any of the above three items cannot resolve, it will affect the data’s integrity! 

Copy board is “fast, accurate, and reasonable price”

  1. The price of PCB copying is calculated according to the number of pads. According to the different layers and requirements, the information is other, and the unit price of points is different;
  2. In general, the copy cycle is 1-2 days for single and double-layer boards and 5-7 days for 8-layer boards. Complex boards (many devices, many layers, and involved board structures) need to be evaluated based on the actual samples.
  3. “Creating a win-win situation with customers” has always been our principle of cooperation.

Strong overall strength:

    1. We can provide a complete set of services, including PCB copying, PCB design, prototype debugging, BGA welding, device selection, IC procurement, high-precision board manufacturing, SMT chip processing, etc .;
    2. According to the requirements of customers, we can design the products that customers need, including the secondary development of functional improvement and technical optimization of existing products;
    3. With more than ten years of practical experience, it has conducted secondary development and prototype production of electronic products in various industries, and the success rate of copying boards is 100%;
  1. Software for PCB copy board: Software for PCB file: Protel99Se, DXP, PADS; Software used to reverse the schematic diagram: Protel99Se, DXP, PADS;

Perfect post-service system

    1. External: Adhere to the “customer first” service tenet, customer service phone is online 24 hours, to solve your problems.

      Internal: accurate and timely feedback of product conditions, quality information, and various crucial social information for companies to make correct decisions promptly and better serve our customers

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