unlock IC FAQ
unlock IC FAQ

High difficulty to break IC decode

  • In the mobile power supply;
  • Stage lighting equipment;
  • Cutting machine equipment;
  • Frequency converter;
  • PLC;
  • Lithium battery protection board;
  • Unlocking card;
  • Electric vehicle control board;
  • Automobile control board;
  • Automobile Game control board;
  • LED control card;
  • LED screen control chip;
  • Instrument equipment;
  • Wireless model control circuit;
  • Electronic and digital class;
  • Ocean navigation control equipment;
  • Various household appliances;
  • Solar charger;
  • Temperature control equipment;
  • Japanese printer copier (Xerox, Fuji…);
  • Mahjong machine;
  • Code scanning equipment;
  • Multiple sensors;
  • Textile equipment;
  • Stepping motor;
  • Controller;
  • Medicine medical equipment;
  • Mobile testing equipment;
  • Sensors;
  • Welding equipment;
  • Access control;
  • Ultrasonic equipment;
  • Elevator accessories;
  • Elevator control panel;
  • Communication equipment;
  • Optical fiber navigation system;
  • Fiber optic gyroscope;
  • Electronic compass;
  • Printing consumables accessories;
  • Production machine tool control system equipment;

Supermarket system and other equipment control circuit board module;

We have successfully launched a number of innovative products, and some important product positioning can meet the needs of customers.

break ic

Not only that, the service of Shenzhen OROD technology is one-stop, providing users with the complete process services from PCB copy, production, mounting, insertion, welding, assembly, testing, maintenance, inspection, packaging to shipment. It can be customized and customized for you, rewrite software, decrypt chips, design hardware, and solve technical property rights and technical patents in the Etc products. Welcome to visit us for consultation and negotiation. We will build your most ideal and reliable products with the most professional technical team and the best quality technical service.

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Shenzhen OROD Technology Co., Ltd. has accumulated many software developments since it entered the hardware and software development market. Including software localization, register machine decryption, IC break, MCU decryption, DOS software localization, DOS software modification, DOS software decryption, dongle decryption, and dongle duplication, Successful experience in the technical development of software and hardware, such as Chinese version of industrial computer software, modification of industrial computer software, decryption of industrial computer software, copy of high-precision multi-layer PCB board (clone), copy of mobile phone PCB motherboard (clone), PCB layout, board modification, PCB reverse engineering schematic diagram, semi-finished product processing, etc. Since its establishment, it has successfully developed and implemented a large number of software and hardware systems for users in various industries, which has been recognized and praised by many industry customers in multiple regions.

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Shenzhen OROD technology company has first-class technology, production, service personnel, and international advanced production equipment. It provides customers with a series of comprehensive technology development and function improvements, such as high professional, high efficiency, and substantial price competitiveness. It’s software technology includes software development and Chinese technology, software registration and decryption and IC break technology, MCU software and DSP code technology, DOS software decryption and Chinese technology, and can make reliable chip design, wafer foundry, chip imitation, and OEM, CPLD decryption, PCB copy, and PCB board drawing design and processing, return schematic diagram and schematic diagram according to customer requirements Design, and BOM production. The company can also provide customers with material procurement services. ODM, OEM, and SMT OEM and SMT services and the production of functional prototype services for enterprise customers to design a prototype, prototype software programs, and hardware functions of the secondary development of a complete set of solutions.

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Shenzhen OROD Technology Co., Ltd. has the most senior IC decode experts in China. We are focusing on the breaking of complicated chips. at88sc0104c, STM32F103, Fujitsu series, Motorola series, Freescale series, Xilinx series (xc95144, xc9572, xc9536, etc.), C8051 series, Ti series (MSP430F series, TMS Series), STC series (89 series, 11 series, 12 series, ten series, etc.), SST series, PIC series, AT88 series, cypress series, Dallas series, Philips series, lattice series, Altera series, Mitsubishi series, Rusia series, Xinmao SYNCMOS series (old version and new version), DSP series and other chips have a shocking price advantage and success rate. Proficient in industrial control equipment and game board clone copy. Rich experience in IC decode quality, and the price is guaranteed. We can answer customers’ questions at any time, and we can provide relevant electronic technical support. We can make customers feel free to do well in products.

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If you need this IC break service, please contact the company SKYPE:hddworld; Whatsapp:+86-13378667812; E-mail: orod@chip-programmer.com