unlock IC FAQ
unlock IC FAQ

Crack IC Price and Payment


The price range of IC crack is relatively large, mainly depends on the specific model!
Since I was engaged in IC crackers, I have often received all kinds of questions from customers. Today, let’s explain why IC cracker is also aimed at chips, and there is such a big price difference? Some chips cost only a few dozens USD, while others cost tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands?

First, unlock The price of I.C. is related to our R & D expenses. The higher the cost of the solution, the higher the decryption price. I don’t think I need to explain this too much. Most customers can understand it. Therefore, the cost of solution development is different for different companies because of their different technical strength. Also, for example, the 51 MCU of the ATMEL series is in China. It has appeared for several decades. All the technical data are published to the public, so anyone can quickly obtain this information, so the IC unlock scheme’s research will be handier, and the natural cost will be less.
Most importantly, the encryption method of this kind of chip is generally not too complicated, and the operating cost of MCU also unlock low. Some chips, such as the STC microcontroller, are designed by the United States and OEM by domestic Hongjing company. When they are designed, they learn the lesson that 51 Series MCU is easy to be unlocked, improves the encryption mechanism, and has been fully encrypted when they leave the factory. The user program is written by the ISP (in-system programming) / IAP (in application programming) mechanism, which is an important part of programming. While checking while burning, there is no read command, which significantly increases the difficulty of MCU unlock. STC chip space is divided into 1, bootload;2, application code ;3, EEPROM; our IC crack is mainly for the bootload area to crack, and then read the program latest version of STC chip removed the bootload area. All of the above require us to spend a lot of workforce and material resources to develop a crack I.C. solution. The cost of many equipment types is tens of millions, so we can only borrow it, and the total cost is much higher.
On the other hand, chips on different devices have different applications. Even if they are of the same model, there will be significant differences in the cost of cracking I.C. Some programs are too full to crack; It will use exceptional chips on some devices. I.C. cracking is very difficult, so IC’s cost will be several times, dozens, or even hundreds of times higher than ordinary chips. We need you to carefully communicate with our customer service about the detailed model and characteristics of MCU crack. Our customer service will give us the standard I.C. crack price of the company.

How can customers pay?

In principle, we pay a 50% deposit in front of cracking, but according to each customer’s situation and requirements, we play a variety of things!
Remittance method: the company supports:

  1. Bank T.T. remittance method;
  2. PayPal service fee payment method (payment can not choose to buy products, but pay the service fee); the disadvantage is that the handing fee is the highest, no matter how much cost is paid, the seller’s price is charged by 5%;
  3. Western Union, MoneyGram is the fastest way to collect money. You are welcome to use it this way. The only disadvantage is that the cost of the thread is slightly higher;
    In short, no matter which way you remit, you don’t have to worry about the loss. We have promised many times that I.C. crack will be refunded if it is unsuccessful!
payment way

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