unlock IC FAQ
unlock IC FAQ

Can I Get Program Directly After Cracking IC


Important note: for chips with long sample delivery time, high freight cost, low IC crack price, and high IC crack success rate. Customers can request the program directly after decryption. However, if the test is not successful, the customer needs to provide the original product or PCB board to test its function. If we don’t cooperate with the test, we can’t refund it. After We try to determine that the program has problems or IC crack problems, we can refund customers!

Our customers are all from all over the world. There are many types of chips. The cost and time of unlocking IC are different.
Therefore, according to many users’ requirements: for some chips with low unlocking and high success rates, if the customer needs the program IC to crack. We have agreed as follows:
Suppose the unlocking cost is less than 500 USD. In that case, we can send a program to the client directly after unlocking IC, According to the customer’s request. However, if the customer gets the program, fails to write the chip, or fails to test after writing the chip. We can’t refund it to the customer temporarily; then, we need the customer to cooperate with us to send the product or PCB of the decryption chip to our engineer for testing. If the test is OK, send the product back to the customer (the customer is responsible for the freight). After our test, it’s a problem with the decryption program and can’t be fixed. Our company refund to customers!
Therefore, some customers want to direct the program, please think of the above conditions to decide!
Under normal circumstances, we are in strict accordance with the IC unlock procedures! We promise: IC unlocking is not successful, no charge!

Cracking IC

What’s file can i get it after unlock IC?

After unlocking, the OROD chip is machine code, which can be programmed and copied freely. The provided programming files can be in such formats as “bin, hex, Jed, out, POF, sof, OTP, S19 or CDs”. The programming files of chips from different manufacturers have different formats. Some models can be disassembled.

Cracking IC

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