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unlock IC FAQ

How to Unlock Soft Encryption MCU


Dear friends, this statement is significant for some friends who want to do MCU unlocking. According to the habits of this industry and the interests of both parties, we must make clear these agreements:

  1. Some chip encryption is very complex, that is, “soft encryption.” In this case, we need the customer to provide the original equipment or the whole PCB board that can test its function;
  2. If the customer does not cooperate in providing us with the original product or PCB board for program modification, we cannot refund the deposit;
  3. If we cannot modify the original code program successfully, we will refund all the customers’ deposits. This is why some chips with the high cost of MCU unlocking must require customers to test the new sample chips provided by us first, instead of directly asking the program to pay the balance after MCU unlocking!

What is a soft encryption chip?

Soft encryption chip generally adopts the authorization method of serial number or license file to encrypt. It is usually the authorization scheme of the cloud computing model, also known as cloud authorization. The security strength of cloud authorization is very high, even higher than encryption lock. This is because the encryption lock cannot be tracked and monitored after the software is sold. Hackers can spend a long time cracking it, and once it is cracked, they can copy it in large quantities.
The authorized server has a firewall. The security is much higher who can monitor perfect intrusion detection technology, illegal access, and abnormal situation. Server authorization is also easy to realize the tracking management, crack recovery, and update of authorized software.

What are the advantages of a soft encryption chip?

Without hardware and logistics, What can realize the electronic distribution of software;
It is easy to manage and maintain, which helps to improve authorization efficiency and user experience;
It is convenient to realize “try before buy” and “buy on-demand” and create more profit models for developers;
Reduce the overall software protection, distribution, and management costs of software developers, and improve their competitiveness;

How to unlock the soft encryption chip?

MCU program “soft encryption” (or called MCU “soft encryption,” “soft encryption”) refers to the use of chip RC to encrypt when writing MCU program, and What will verify the RC value of the chip in the program; before developers burn each chip, read out the RC value of the chip with software (for example, read out the RC value of a chip is 2C), and then write it into the corresponding program segment, and burn according to the RC value (2C) when burning Write to a chip, What can use this chip. Still, if this program programming to a chip whose RC value is 2D, the B chip will not usually work in the system.

soft encryption chip

Suppose there is only an RC value program. In that case, only one RC value chip can be burned (2 / 257 probability, but it depends on the manufacturer’s RC definition); that is to say, you don’t know how to change it, so the program is useless. So many people can’t decrypt it. If you need to use it, you need to do MCU soft encryption program modification.
The clearest way to judge “soft encryption” is: when the equipment, welding, and debugging methods are correct, the chip is written into the original IC (erase the original chip), What can use the original chip, but It can not use the programming in the empty chip (the premise is that there is no problem with the quality of the blank chip, we have encountered a few chips, there is no problem with the programming, but the quality of the chip is not standard).

soft encryption chip

Many customers think that this is the wrong IC crack. From the above analysis, it can be seen that it is not the wrong IC unlock, but the program chip recognition.
The customer also needs to pay attention to the following situations: the customer’s original chip can be used, and the sample programmed after What can’t use electronic decryption. At first, he thought it was “soft encryption,” but the analysis program found no “soft encryption.” The customer said that he had done it in other places, but it couldn’t; Later, we asked the customer to provide another easy-to-use system. We found that there was a “dark line” on the customer’s chip! Find this problem, and then the original program welding OK!

For example, there is EM78P153S. It can’t use the sample programmed by IC code, but It can use the original chip. There is no problem with the program, checksum, and coordination. After several days of research and analysis, it is found that there is also “soft encryption.” When EMC uses internal RC oscillation, it can use a similar “soft encryption” method. Because few people can program with EMC in China, and EMC’s standard manual does not provide RC value of software access chip, even engineers who can change AVR, PIC, and STC “soft encryption” will not change EMC’s “soft encryption.” Therefore, EMC uses the “soft encryption” method to encrypt, and the post-processing of unlocking is .complicated

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