unlock IC FAQ
unlock IC FAQ

IC Unlocking Success Rate is 100%


Important note: there are risks in IC unlocking any chip. Many businesses promise a 100% success rate before unlocking IC. That’s the past! The probability of success is also relative. Even a simple IC unlocking process may fail because of one of the factors. Therefore, the success rate of 100% is the words of some advertisements. Please be prepared!

1, There are many things that It can crack online, but most of them are trade merchants. Some customers say that I can decrypt it as long as possible, but there are still essential differences. We try our best to solve the problems we unlock ourselves. If we don’t solve it, it is a direct loss. Especially for some chips that need to be FIB, the cost is not cheap. But traders are different. Because the profits of trade are limited. He said no to the customer when he encountered some problems and would not find a solution because he didn’t lose anything. But this will delay the customer’s time and lose the customer’s mother film.
2, After unlocking, we will find a way to help the guests introduce the simplest and cheaper burning tools. Most IC now have download lines. And familiar with the use of each download line. Trade merchant, he is to ask customers to buy expensive programmers directly, programmers are generally thousands.
3,The file format conversion, Download line generally identifies his file suffix, such as DSP is out the file, MSP430 is TXT… We are professionally decrypted, familiar with the conversion between different suffixes. Convenient for customers to use other burning tools. This is something that the person who receives the order can’t complete.
4,Decryption experience is excellent, with more than 15 years of experience.
5, Payment method we can flexibly operate for those enormous amounts we can pay half or less. This reduces the guest’s worries. The first time the customer can do it first, do well in payment.

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