unlock IC FAQ
unlock IC FAQ

What’s Unlock IC Process


Because there are too many types and models of chips, before unlocking IC. So, Customers must ask about cracking IC price. And the specific process of unlocking MCU to not cause unnecessary losses and troubles for both sides! Our company’s most significant advantage compared with peers is these condition. Firstly, For some simple encryption chips. Secondly, Unlocking a high success rate. Further, It low cost. We can decrypt them for customers before paying for a new IC sample test!

  1. First of all, please consult and provide the specific chip model to confirm whether It can support unlock it;
  2. Both parties confirm the cost and period of IC unlock;
  3. Provide an excellent and effective original chip when customers accept the price and service terms;
  4. Deposit 50% then start to crack the IC.
  5. We will provide two samples for the customer. After IC decryption.
  6. The client test passed, please pay balance branch. we provide unlocking program files. At the same time, We will provide technical support for chip programming.
  7. If the test fails, we will refund the fee for the problem caused by decryption failure;
    Sometimes, for Some chip’s specific models, the file format is also different. There are several file formats as follows: “.hex” “.out” “.Bin” format;
    Regardless of the program format, we will provide corresponding programming chip suggestions to ensure that the file is 100% effective.
    For example, Ti TMS320LF2407A, the file format we provide is”. Hex” file format. R5fxxx, the file format we provide is “.out”.
Unlock IC Process

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