unlock IC FAQ
unlock IC FAQ

How to Unlock Polishing IC


Risk tip: in reality, to protect resources from being infringed, some chip manufacturers polish the surface of some single machines so that they can’t see the chip model. For this kind of IC unlocking, first of all, customers know the model of the original chip. If they don’t know the natural model, they can split the chip to identify the model. Generally, the success rate is only 50%. What can open not all the chip packages to know the specific model, and half of the chips may not find the model even if the package is opened. At the same time, to a large extent, most chips are damaged after unpacking.

Chip model identification (how to Unlock Some Chips After Polishing)is a technical service provided for some polished chips, chips with a piece of black glue on them, or chips with the inaccurate model, including grinding IC model identification, bonding, How to Unlock Some Chips After Polishing (IC model identification), IC search, and IC replacement. In the current development of electronic products, to prevent effects from being copied or imitated;
some designers often polish the chip model, print a piece of black glue on the chip, or print other models to increase the difficulty of chip decryption and PCB cloning and imitation. Therefore, How to Unlock Some Chips After Polishing? (IC model identification) is becoming more and more important in the reverse development of electronic products.
Qualification of grinding IC model:
It is difficult for the polished chip model to judge the chip model by analyzing the peripheral circuit. It can only obtain the chip model by comparing the chip’s internal structure by opening the chip and taking photos.
Identification of bonding model:
Due to the higher anti-corrosion, anti-seismic, and bonding packaging stability compared with traditional SMT, bonding packaging technology is applied more and more widely. The demand for bonding chip type identification is also increasing.
Because in model identification, we need to destroy the master chip. If you need to return the master chip, please indicate when you send us the original sample chip. Otherwise, we generally do not return the master chip. At the same time, How to Unlock Some Chips After Polishing ( IC identification) relies on professional testing technology and engineers’ experience over the years. However, many IC models can not know one by one, and there is a risk of failure in finding the model.

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