PCB Reverse Engineering India


When we get a product in India, many times, we do not have a circuit diagram. In this case, how do we tell the principle and working conditions of the circuit board? This is to restore the actual product to a circuit schematic diagram-this is PCB reverse engineering India.

When encountering some small natural objects, or when there is a need. When experiencing electronic products without drawings, .you need to draw a circuit schematic diagram based on the physical item to reverse the physical object into a circuit schematic diagram. Although it becomes very complicated on a larger scale, I believe we can still do it after mastering the following points. For a simpler circuit, it is not a problem.

Dear friends from India, as long as you need PCB reverse engineering. We will complete it at a low price, quickly and accurately .It including schematics, PCB files, BOM lists, etc.; after completing the PCB reverse engineering, we can also produce samples and mass production products! Welcome to call Whatsapp: +86-13378667812